Thursday, 20 March 2014

Tutorial activity 3

During this tutorial, we are given a task to complete an exercise about what we have learned previously. This is a pair work task, so I did answer all the questions with my lovely classmate Nor Asyikin Binti Mohd Aridi.

Below are the questions that we answered. Happy to share! =) 

 A subject complement is the noun,adjective, or preposition (pronoun) that follows a verb (copula BE and linking verb.)

What is linking verb?

Verbs that do not show action. they connect the subject and subject complement.

The following verbs are true linking verbs: any form of the verb BE (am,is,are,was,were,has been,are being,might have been,etc). become and seem.

1. Mary is a prized dancer.

Mary= Subject ,   is=Linking verb, and dancer = noun as subject complement.

2. It was she who chased the running thief last Wednesday night.

It = subject, was = linking verb, she = pronoun as subject complement.

3. Bill turns shy when girls compliment his looks.

Bill = subject, turns = linking verb, shy = adjective as subject complement.

What is an object complement?

An object  complement is the noun,adjective, or pronoun that follows a direct object. To rename it or state what it has become.

Verbs of making (e.g., make, create, place) or naming (e.g., name, elect, call) often links with an object complement.

In the examples below, underline the object complement and label the direct object.

  1. I found the guard peeping.
  2. We all consider her worthless.
  3. I declare this centre closed.
  4. To make her miserable.
  5. To name her Heliah.
  6. To consider someone smart.
  7. To draw something clearly.
  8. To catch somebody cheating.

Blue = direct object.

salam sayang