Thursday, 16 February 2017

Day 3- Hari koko


Today I have to relief a Form 5 class!! They are all taller than me..hahaha.. Actually, what I have to do is just observe the students while they are doing their work because of their teacher in on a medical leave. As soon that the relief timetable was out, Teacher Sarminah who is my Head Panel of English informed me to check the telegram apps because my name was mentioned to relief Teacher Azlina. I am just okay with that..huhu..but let’s be frank, actually, I am a bit nervous because they are Form 5!!hahahaha..

What I did was, I just don’t think about it so much and followed Teacher Anita to the classroom because she will be in the next class with her students, also to observe the boys doing the past year trial SPM paper.

It is not too hard to manage the classroom because as I said, the students know what are their role here. They did their work and finish it on time and then we discussed the question because I have been given the answer scheme. Afer the discussion, the boys start to ask me questions about myself..Gosh!!!but I just reply it as suppose too. Ok continue, they ask me where am I from, what do I like, what are my skills, what is my Instagram!! they ask me to join their clan..hahaha..Gosh the boys..they ask how old am I..hahaha..and when I told them my age, they said that I look much younger than my age. Then reflectively I respond ‘of course!’ and you know what..One boy at the back said, ’eh, for me you look older..bluuuggghhh!!How dare you!!hahhaaa..saja nak tease I ler tuuu..but I am okay..It was nice because they feel comfortable and so so I during the session. I don’t want my students to feel tense while learning because it is not fun at all.

lets enjoy the photo:

Form 5 boys during the relief..

Anti-drugs talk..

during the assembly...

salam sayang

Day 2 -Observation


Hi all!! today was a very long day gaizz.. though my friends and I were able to return home quite early compared to yesterday, but today is quite tiring as well. My tasks today was to observe the senior teachers conducting their English class so I can get used to all sorts of classroom norms and system design for the boys. My first observation was with my friend because she got to teach her first classroom today.

Let me tell you, the boys are awesome! seriously.Their English is superb and amazing because most of them are from the well-educated family background where English is used as their first language. From my observation, the majority of the students are very fluent and they have no problem understanding the lesson.  

What my mentors did in their classroom was, they just plan the lesson that has activities so the students can involve and participate. The lesson cannot be boring because if that happens, they will not paying attention at all. There are students who were doing something else while the teacher is teaching in front of the classroom and I think it is because they already know about the content that was being delivered. They are smart kids and I noted that I need to prepare a lesson which can challenge them, so it can trigger their interest towards the lesson and eventually they will pay attention to the teaching.

What I like about this school is, the majority of them know their role as a student and they are aware that education is very important. It is not so hard to make them learn because naturally, they want to learn. If you understand what I am saying..hahaha.. It is because, in some schools, there are students who have no interest to learn, they go to school just for the seek of going or because their parents ask them to. 

The picture above are the boys from Form 2 Dinamik in Teacher Mimi's lesson. Look at their expression!! What I can say about it is that they really enjoy the session. They laugh, they are loud but at the same time, they engage in the learning. They give their answers as expected and I found the activity was awesome. I think that's all for 14/2/17. See you on the next day!

salam sayang

Monday, 13 February 2017

First Official Day at SAS!! SUARA KUAT TU PENTING

Hello Everyone!

Today was a long and an awesome day...seriously..A lot of meeting that had been attended to. I have met the Ketua Jabatan, The Principal, and other teachers as well. they are all awesome people and excellent teachers definitely! I got to enter Teacher Shal's class to observe her teaching. She is so thoughtful to make sure that we are not wasting our time by not learning anything because we did not get our official timetable yet. So when she saw my friend and I were just sitting and blinking, she invited us to observe her teaching a form3 class.

Only by entering 1 class, I think that was a lot of things that I got to learn from the boys as well as from Teacher Shal. when I was first introduced to Teacher Sal, I know that she is a loud and aggressive yet lovely kind of teacher. She got a strong loud voice that every teacher will be grateful to have, but while I am observing, I still can see that a few of the students sometimes were off from the track by not being able to listen to the teachers' voice because they themselves are quite noisy in the classroom.

Now I know that teaching the boys require me to double strengthen my voice seriously! because if it is not, if I am just going to practice teaching like usual, I wouldn't have my voice over them, then how I am going to make sure that the knowledge is delivered? So I really have to work on it. and u know what..Actually, I am so tired today..So thats all for now ok gaizz..I think tomorrow I will be more relax and hopefully, I can write more too ok!hii..So good night..

So this is my view during the Observation..huhu

That is Teacher Shal and see how big the English Room. Even her loud voice pon tenggelam k!!

salam sayang

Saturday, 11 February 2017

SMILE is Important!-Lapor Diri

Greetings everyone!! Such a long time isn't it??

I thought I have forgotten the password of this blog and luckily I'm not! Haha.. Ok to cut is short, what I am telling you here is, I am going to start writing again Insya-Allah. For your information, I will be starting my teaching practicum soon and I felt so overwhelmed right now. I still cannot bring all of me together, to realize that I am at the end phase of my degree at UKM! and now, to enter school again but as a TEACHER! I think it is good if I can share my experience being an English Trainee Teacher with all of you. Who knows my story and experiences may help some of you..huhu..

Yesterday I went to the school that I am going to be teaching next week to report for my duty in prior to making sure that the school is aware of our comings..haha.. and guess what? It is not like a school..!I mean it is not like my former school at my hometown..haha..of course lah offense, but there is Terengganu, and here is Putrajaya yall!! you understand what I meant right? if not its okay, comment down below..haha..but, I love my old school because my teachers are awesome! about my new school that I will be teaching, It is so freaking huge and the facilities are da boomm!! and the students are ALL BOYS!

When I enter the school, it is so peaceful, and suddenly I thought it was not a working day because the day before is a celebration of Thaipusam. I just went in and explore the area like a boss. haha..and suddenly again, I saw a white wavy sea at a particular place and I notice that is a Surau. Surau gaizzz.. It is a place smaller than a mosque for Muslims to do our religious activity. There you go, so now I know why I saw nobody initially, it is because they are all at the Surau! the students were wearing all white Baju Melayu..and they look so innocent and suciiiii gaizzz.. and I was so moved...haha.. I think they will be wearing like that every Friday because of the Solat Jumaat.

So my friend and I decided to go to the office first. We introduce our self to the kerani there. 'Assalamualaikummm,,(wide and shining smile), kami guru praktikal dari UKM, datang nak lapor diri..'. that's how we start our day at the school! heart thumps like crazy..likely resemble a rhythm in a rock music genre or something like that...oh no! its like a gun!long press M16 shooting sound! the kerani said, 'oh semua ada aktiviti di surau sekarang, kena tunggu sekejap', and we said 'ok! we will wait'. They are nice because they is important gaiizz! So we waited almost 1 hour (I think) before we are invited into the main office. I am fine with it because I got the chance to calm myself and be ready for the meeting with PK Hem. Oh yeah, we did not have a chance to meet The Principal because he is not around.

Encik Zulkifli who is the PK Hem called two English Teachers and introduced them to us. They are Teacher Mimi and Sir Shah who are responsible for taking us to the staff room..haha..Teacher Mimi introduced us to all of the teachers in the staff room and I cannot remember anything at that time because of the nervous symptom, but I still give them a very wide smile instead. hiii..I am so sorry, I will ask their name again later on. They are all very cheerful teachers!

Lastly, Teacher Mimi ends her 'task' with us because she got a class to attend and 'pass' us to the Ketua Panitia Bahasa Inggeris, Teacher Sarminah. We were briefed about the school activity, classroom system, timetable, and all basic things that we need to know to be a teacher, particularly in this school. BTW don't you wonder which school that I will be teaching??.. if not its ok..bhahahaa.

It was an awesome day for me!..why, it is because I still can't believe that I am now to become a teacher! and one more big thing is, I drove myself to the school you know. It's crazy!..I think it is..haha..I even can't imagine I can drive my Kelisa comel to school..because I actually have a vehophobia. In case you don't know about it, lets press here for info. Fuhhh..I think that's all I want to tell you today gaiizz..I feel so hungry nak pi makan saatt..bye!
I don't feel like I am a Teacher yet..

salam sayang