Thursday, 16 February 2017

Day 2 -Observation


Hi all!! today was a very long day gaizz.. though my friends and I were able to return home quite early compared to yesterday, but today is quite tiring as well. My tasks today was to observe the senior teachers conducting their English class so I can get used to all sorts of classroom norms and system design for the boys. My first observation was with my friend because she got to teach her first classroom today.

Let me tell you, the boys are awesome! seriously.Their English is superb and amazing because most of them are from the well-educated family background where English is used as their first language. From my observation, the majority of the students are very fluent and they have no problem understanding the lesson.  

What my mentors did in their classroom was, they just plan the lesson that has activities so the students can involve and participate. The lesson cannot be boring because if that happens, they will not paying attention at all. There are students who were doing something else while the teacher is teaching in front of the classroom and I think it is because they already know about the content that was being delivered. They are smart kids and I noted that I need to prepare a lesson which can challenge them, so it can trigger their interest towards the lesson and eventually they will pay attention to the teaching.

What I like about this school is, the majority of them know their role as a student and they are aware that education is very important. It is not so hard to make them learn because naturally, they want to learn. If you understand what I am saying..hahaha.. It is because, in some schools, there are students who have no interest to learn, they go to school just for the seek of going or because their parents ask them to. 

The picture above are the boys from Form 2 Dinamik in Teacher Mimi's lesson. Look at their expression!! What I can say about it is that they really enjoy the session. They laugh, they are loud but at the same time, they engage in the learning. They give their answers as expected and I found the activity was awesome. I think that's all for 14/2/17. See you on the next day!

salam sayang

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