Thursday, 16 February 2017

Day 3- Hari koko


Today I have to relief a Form 5 class!! They are all taller than me..hahaha.. Actually, what I have to do is just observe the students while they are doing their work because of their teacher in on a medical leave. As soon that the relief timetable was out, Teacher Sarminah who is my Head Panel of English informed me to check the telegram apps because my name was mentioned to relief Teacher Azlina. I am just okay with that..huhu..but let’s be frank, actually, I am a bit nervous because they are Form 5!!hahahaha..

What I did was, I just don’t think about it so much and followed Teacher Anita to the classroom because she will be in the next class with her students, also to observe the boys doing the past year trial SPM paper.

It is not too hard to manage the classroom because as I said, the students know what are their role here. They did their work and finish it on time and then we discussed the question because I have been given the answer scheme. Afer the discussion, the boys start to ask me questions about myself..Gosh!!!but I just reply it as suppose too. Ok continue, they ask me where am I from, what do I like, what are my skills, what is my Instagram!! they ask me to join their clan..hahaha..Gosh the boys..they ask how old am I..hahaha..and when I told them my age, they said that I look much younger than my age. Then reflectively I respond ‘of course!’ and you know what..One boy at the back said, ’eh, for me you look older..bluuuggghhh!!How dare you!!hahhaaa..saja nak tease I ler tuuu..but I am okay..It was nice because they feel comfortable and so so I during the session. I don’t want my students to feel tense while learning because it is not fun at all.

lets enjoy the photo:

Form 5 boys during the relief..

Anti-drugs talk..

during the assembly...

salam sayang

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