Monday, 13 February 2017

First Official Day at SAS!! SUARA KUAT TU PENTING

Hello Everyone!

Today was a long and an awesome day...seriously..A lot of meeting that had been attended to. I have met the Ketua Jabatan, The Principal, and other teachers as well. they are all awesome people and excellent teachers definitely! I got to enter Teacher Shal's class to observe her teaching. She is so thoughtful to make sure that we are not wasting our time by not learning anything because we did not get our official timetable yet. So when she saw my friend and I were just sitting and blinking, she invited us to observe her teaching a form3 class.

Only by entering 1 class, I think that was a lot of things that I got to learn from the boys as well as from Teacher Shal. when I was first introduced to Teacher Sal, I know that she is a loud and aggressive yet lovely kind of teacher. She got a strong loud voice that every teacher will be grateful to have, but while I am observing, I still can see that a few of the students sometimes were off from the track by not being able to listen to the teachers' voice because they themselves are quite noisy in the classroom.

Now I know that teaching the boys require me to double strengthen my voice seriously! because if it is not, if I am just going to practice teaching like usual, I wouldn't have my voice over them, then how I am going to make sure that the knowledge is delivered? So I really have to work on it. and u know what..Actually, I am so tired today..So thats all for now ok gaizz..I think tomorrow I will be more relax and hopefully, I can write more too ok!hii..So good night..

So this is my view during the Observation..huhu

That is Teacher Shal and see how big the English Room. Even her loud voice pon tenggelam k!!

salam sayang

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